Is a mighty heroin, courageously saving creative integrity everywhere.  This glorious superstar is a Jill of all Trades and one in great demand.


Don’t be fooled by her simple, yet sophisticated girl-next-door demeanour.  This dynamo is a five-alarm fire burning with desire to story tell and ultimately save our planet.




As a 680News traffic reporter Colette has no problem telling you where to go, while juggling; filming multiple life celebration videos, shooting various organization trailers, documenting and supporting women in divorce; narrating feature stories video; writing books and people’s memoirs.  She is currently pounding the pavement, telling businesses how they can improve their websites by producing product videos. She is creating, creating, creating!!!




Since graduation from Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Program and Seneca College’s Corporate Communications, Colette has graced five major radio/television stations.




Working side by side with such power-houses as Lloyd Robertson, Sandie Rinaldo, Valerie Pringle and Daryl Dahmer, she continued to WOW, reporting for Canadian Living Television, Slice, Women’s Network and Global’s Body and Health.




Colette would be fleshing out stories at all hours of the day and night for programs as well as creating the voice-over.  Whether they needed a classy, quirky, authoritative or child-like sound, Colette did it. Her nick-name? “One-take Colette.”




 When in crisis, producers put the call out for Colette to Save the Day, recording Saturday cartoon promos, which became her ultimate joy.  Colette got a taste of Voiceover and soaked it in every time she was called to CTV’s recording studios.  She was requested to host live television shows dealing with chartered accountants, breast-feeding and asthma.  Who knew Colette could turn accounting into a riveting show with the phone lines ringing off the hook?




Since Colette has a medical background, as a PR whiz at St. Michael’s and the former Wellesley Hospitals, she wrote up news releases garnering grant money for high profile doctors from all the national and international media coverage she got with her talented writing.




For fun,  Colette trips the light fantastic starring in community theatre productions.  From Bye Bye Birdie toGodspell, Colette played the role of Dulcie in The Boyfriend.  Colette says it was the easiest role, joyously playing a flirtatiously blonde wing nut, tap dancing up a storm.  Meadowvale Theatre Director and Ryerson’s theatre professor, Paul Eck, said Colette was his best Dulcie ever. 

And if you want the best, forget the rest.  Colette packs a punch that is a pure knockout.